Revenue Cycle Expertise from Fellow ASC Leaders


Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) provides turnkey billing and collections services for ambulatory surgery centers in the United States. 100% ASC focused, Regent RCM – an independent division of Regent Surgical Health – leverages Regent’s 13 years of ASC Development & Management expertise and most importantly, key inputs from ASC leadership and business office personnel to create a new model.

We approach revenue cycle in a unique way and our services consistently outperform industry benchmarks and allow managers to focus on high-value activities. But don’t take our word for it. An industry veteran recently commented that Regent’s “innovative model actually provides the return you’d expect from outsourcing…it strikes a compelling balance between relationship, performance, and cost as designed by Center Directors, BOM’s, and Administrators.”


ASC physician seeking revenue cycle manager

South East Facility

From May to December 2015, After Starting Work with Regent RCM, the AIASC Nearly Doubled its Monthly Collections with No Significant Changes to Volume or Case Mix.

East Coast Facility

An East Coast Facility’s Days Outstanding Decreased By 30 Days Giving It Access To Over $360,000 In Cash.

West Coast Facility

West Coast Facility’s Days Outstanding Decreased By 38 Days Freeing Up Nearly $600,000 In Cash.

Midwest Facility

A Midwest Facility Decreased Its Charge Lag From 7.2 Days To 3.4 Days In One Month Releasing Approximately $90,000 In Cash.

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