Revenue Cycle Management Outperforming Industry Benchmarks

Revenue Cycle Expertise

Regent Revenue Cycle Management provides turnkey billing and collections services for single and multi specialty ASCs throughout the United States. Our proven approach to revenue cycle management allows us to consistently outperform industry benchmarks. Partnering with our team frees center administrators and managers to focus on high-value activities and patient care.

Our Solutions

We provide comprehensive billing, coding, and other value-added revenue cycle management services for ASCs. Our ASC billing services streamline processes and workflows.

We work on behalf of clients and in tandem with business offices to negotiate the best payer contract rate and optimize reimbursement for your ASC.

Automation supports the shift that is required to improve the financial experience. We partner with industry-leading providers on automation and tools to refine our processes and workflows.

Our dedicated staffing model sets us apart. We assign one revenue cycle specialist to manage a surgery center's complete revenue cycle, from start to finish.

Our business intelligence platform includes real-time revenue cycle metrics allowing our team to immediately know when a center's revenue cycle becomes problematic.

We are focused on one thing: providing revenue cycle management solutions for ASCs. We invest time and resources into technology, training, and staffing to stay ahead.

Our Focus

We work solely with ambulatory surgery centers providing turnkey billing and collection services.

Our Vision

We approach revenue cycle in a unique way and our services consistently outperform industry benchmarks.

Our Model

Our Revenue Cycle Management team specializes exclusively in developing, executing, and refining billing and collection strategies for clients.

Larry Parrish
Administrator at Illinois Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Center

“Regent RCM provides dedicated expertise, they’re more efficient because they’re not getting pulled away to admit patients, they’re not getting pulled away to schedule a case, and they don’t need space to work in our office.”