ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmarking Video Series

Regent RCM Vice President Mike Orseno recognized the need for standardized revenue cycle measurement native to the ASC community. Alongside the Regent RCM team, he developed a series of nine core ASC revenue cycle benchmarks aimed at dispelling myths and outlining which benchmarks stand on their own and which ones are affected by outside forces. More importantly, the series includes instruction on how to calculate and measure what Orseno refers to as “the great lie detector,” the net collection rate. These benchmarks bring clarity to ASC billing.

ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmarking Webinar Series

Building on the ASC RCM video series, our three-part webinar series demonstrated how benchmarking can accurately and consistently measure the health of an ASC’s revenue cycle. Check out the topics and watch the videos below.

PART 1: Optimal Business Office FTEs per 1,000 Cases

Smart staffing is an integral part in gaining more control and efficiency over the revenue cycle. This webinar explains Regent RCM’s exclusive benchmark on optimal staffing models. Regent RCM will explain how it developed this benchmark and used it to develop optimal staffing.

PART 2: ASC RCM Benchmarks

Learn Regent RCM’s gold standard for the following benchmarks and understand how outside forces impact the numbers, how the benchmarks work together, and when the numbers lie.

  • Days Outstanding
  • % A/R over 90 Days
  • Denials and Clean Claims
  • Charge and Claims Lag
  • Statement Lag

PART 3: Net Collections – the Great ASC RCM Lie Detector

Find out how to calculate your center’s net collections rate, how to set your gold standard based on your center’s payer and case mix, and why we call this benchmark “the great lie detector.”

Want a More In-Depth Look into the Benchmarks Used to Assess Surgery Center Revenue Cycle Health? Download Our Latest White Paper.