ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmarks

ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmark Video #8 – Staffing

With ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) focused on collecting every dollar they are entitled to, the center’s business office staff operations must run as smoothly as possible.

But, more business office staff does not always equal more efficiency, and striking a balance is difficult. Regent Revenue Cycle Management (Regent RCM) Vice President Michael Orseno and his team acknowledged this problem, as well as other issues that ASCs face, and have developed a series of videos series that can be used to evaluate the health of any ASC’s revenue cycle.

The eighth video addresses staffing, and how to maximize efficiency of the business office staff. To accomplish this, Regent RCM has developed and adopted a gold standard of 1.5 FTEs per 1,000 cases. The metric is unique, and was derived after Regent RCM pored over ASC data for several years. The company found that busier ASCs generally operated more efficiently in terms of staffing. On the other hand, business office staff at less busy centers were actually underutilized.

Click here to watch the video and learn more about this valuable staffing metric, and why it works.

Regent RCM recently released a white paper describing in detail nine ASC-specific benchmarks to accurately and consistently assess the health of a surgery center’s revenue cycle. Download the white paper here.