ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmarks Defined

ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmark Video #2: Percentage of A/R Over 90 Days

Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Vice President Michael Orseno recently hosted a series of videos examining nine benchmarks he and his team utilize to determine the health of an ambulatory surgery center’s (ASC’s) revenue cycle. The second of these industry-specific benchmarks is the ideal percentage of accounts receivable (A/R) over 90 days.

The Regent RCM gold standard is 12 percent, however, the range can be a low of eight percent to a high of 15 percent, depending on payer and case mix.

Watch the video to learn what it means if your ASC has either a very low or high percentage of A/R over 90 days and the importance of keeping this key benchmark within a specific range to ensure the health of an ASC’s revenue cycle.

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