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ASC Revenue Cycle May Industry News Wrap-Up

Each month Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) explores the top news and headlines affecting the health care industry. This month in the news: Managing overpayments from insurance companies, a new app for cataract surgeons, and tools to streamline patient handoff at health care facilities.

Expert Advice on Handling Overpayments

Regent RCM Vice President of Managed Care Andrea Woodell advises ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to avoid racking up overpayments from insurance companies. In a recent article addressing the burden this places on billings and collections, Woodell details the steps centers should take to deal with overpayments. Click here to read her helpful tips and click here for a blog post that further examines this issue.

New App Puts Information at Surgeons’ Fingertips

Cataract surgeon pre-op notes to go digital with new iOS app under development by Bausch & Lomb and IBM. The iPhone and iPad app enables surgeons to access information before, during and after procedures, organizing essential information. Pilot testing on the cloud-based app is scheduled to begin later this year. Click here for details on how the app can help with more efficient planning and follow-through for surgeons.

Top Tools Streamline Patient Handoff

Health care facilities can utilize a host of tools aimed at improving and streamlining patient handoff. A recent article lists ten tools that are currently available, including Digital Nurse Assistant, which automates tasks nurses commonly perform by hand, and a patient handover toolkit that looks at all aspects of patient handovers including common problems experienced and recommended standard protocols. Click here for all 12 helpful tools.

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