ASC revenue cycle management best practice

Becker’s ASC Review Highlights Best RCM Practice Recommendations

There is more to the revenue cycle than money – equally important are operational efficiency and patient relations.

A recent article in Becker’s ASC expanded on that notion and shared insights and best practices gleaned from a presentation led by Michael Orseno, revenue cycle director for Regent Revenue Cycle Management during Becker’s 22nd annual meeting.

During the presentation, Orseno described how the linear process between front office and back office has evolved. And today, explained Orseno, the feedback mechanism between the two is what defines a revenue cycle.

“In the past, the back office would struggle with issues from the front office, so for example, if they would transpose payer identification numbers or not verify the right demographic or insurance information, it would cause headaches for the back end. So this whole revenue cycle piece was invented and defined,” stated Orseno.

Revenue cycle management has come a long way.

From automating insurance verification prior to a patient visit to researching denials to determine if they can be re-billed after a visit, click here to read pre-visit and post-visit best practice recommendations.

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