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Regent Industry News Wrap-Up February

Each month Regent RCM explores top news and headlines affecting the health care industry.

This month in the news:

Strategically Partnering with a Hospital

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) need to make sure partnership terms with a hospital are beneficial, with a plan in place detailing expectations and goals in mind prior to initiating discussions, advises ASCs Inc. Founder and President Jonathan C. Vick in a February 5, 2016 article published in Becker’s.

Click here to discover Vick’s thoughts on how to cement these partnerships successfully.

A recent Regent RCM blog further addresses this partnership trend, examining probable billing and collections issues resulting from joint ventures between hospitals and ASCs. Can we insert a link to our blog article here please

Becker’s Hospital Review 7th Annual Meeting April 27 – 30, 2016

More than 1,500 hospital and health systems staff from across the country will attend this annual meeting, focused on strategy, health system alignment and growth, physician integration, improving profitability, and ACOs & key specialties. The meeting will feature more than 280 speakers, including 88 hospital CEOs, CFOs and CIOs.

Click here for more information on the conference or to register.

Pros and Cons of Payer Consolidation

The trend toward payer consolidation has been a mixed bag for ASCs thus far. A February 3, 2016 article examining the trend in Becker’s suggests that in some markets the consolidations have led to rate increases while in others less payers translates to lower facility rates.

ASCs that are not strategically partnered with a larger hospital or do not have access to the network with the majority of existing patient populations in the area may be cut off from revenue and also receive limited referrals from other partners and physicians.

Click here for more details on how payer consolidation may impact your ASC.

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Regent Industry New Wrap-Up December

Each month Regent RCM explores top news and headlines affecting the health care industry.

This month in the news: Industry experts anticipate that claim denials will continue to be a challenge in 2016 and Health care providers continue to make the ongoing transition to ICD-10.

5 Claim Denials Management Conversations From 2015

Claim denials seemed to be at the forefront of health care industry news this year as many key claim denial lessons unfolded, especially as ICD-10 implementation came and went.

Click here to discover the five main topics related to claim denials management.

Regent RCM, recognizes how claim denials can impact the RCM pipeline. In a recent blog post, Regent RCM Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Michael Orseno, shared best practices including lessons that he and the Regent RCM team have learned about how to work, track and ultimately avoid claim denials.

80% of Health Care Providers Report Successful ICD-10 Transition

The majority of health care providers have successfully transitioned to the ICD-10 coding system. While this is encouraging news, there are still a number of organizations that are struggling to effectively operate in an ICD-10 environment.

As cited in a recent Revenue Cycle Insights article, the challenges related to ICD-10 “include rejected medical claims, clinical documentation and physician education, reduced revenue from coding delays and information technology fixes.” Click here to read the full article.

If your center is struggling with the ICD-10 transition, Regent RCM recommends four ICD-10 coding tips, found here.