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A well-rounded interview process leads to successfully hiring the right revenue cycle specialists

In our last post, we looked at what qualities a successful revenue cycle specialist possesses. Today, we examine why determining if a candidate is the right fit for an internal revenue cycle specialist position can be a challenge. A potential hire who looks perfect on paper may not have the people or communications skills needed when it comes to the in-person interview, so developing a well-rounded interview process ensures that the candidate who is the best fit in all aspects gets the job.

Provide a skills assessment

Creating a skills assessment test provides you with a solid indication of their previous experience, knowledge and problem-solving skills. It’s not a matter of getting every question right, but rather assessing their critical thinking and thought process on the questions he or she got wrong. This also provides insight into whether or not the candidate will be teachable.

Complete a multi-person interview

In addition to the skills test and examining the candidate’s resume, the in-person interview helps you establish if this person possesses the necessary qualities and is a good fit for both the position and the team. It’s beneficial to have the potential new hire interview with a few different employees. At the conclusion of the process, the interviewers can discuss their thoughts and opinions to come to an informed decision on whether to hire the individual.

Tailor interview questions around the culture of the ASC

The in-person interview also gives the interviewers a chance to see if the candidate is well suited to the center’s culture. For instance, Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) works with a one-to-one model, providing each ASC with a dedicated revenue cycle specialist. This allows the specialist to develop a strong, vested relationship with each center, and it’s important that any new hires can fulfill this model.

Another way to determine if the candidate fits in with the culture is to ask questions regarding the center’s values. Regent RCM, for example, tailors questions around its RISE (respectfulness, integrity, stewardship, efficiency) values. The individual’s answers to the interview questions will provide insight as the whether he or she possesses these non-negotiable qualities.

This well-rounded interview process provides a multi-dimensional look at each candidate to help you best determine who will be the optimal fit for your center.

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Advice for ASCs Hiring a Billing Services Company

When selecting a billing services, or revenue cycle management, company, it is essential to make the right choice. Doing so will save you money and further headaches down the road. We’ve come up with a few things to keep in mind when making this important decision:

  • Make sure they understand the ASC industry. The ASC revenue cycle is very different from that of a physician’s office or hospital, and you want a partner that understands that and is attuned to your specific needs. An RCM partner that has experience in your exact specialty is even better.
  • Capitalize on their knowledge. Now that you have chosen someone with experience in this field, it will be useful to learn from that experience. Ask them for best practices, templates, anything that can help you get started quickly.
  • Get reports. You will want to stay up to date with your RCM provider, and be able to monitor the things that are important to your ASC. If you can get these reports customized, all the better.
  • Always communicate. The more you communicate, the better your billing services will be. It is important to ask questions, and be available for them to ask you questions. Work together as a team and you will be successful.
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