Regent RCM is in the trenches with our partner centers, and we’re not only intimately familiar with ambulatory surgery center (ASC) revenue cycle pain points, we have the solutions to solve them.

One of those solutions, dedicated staffing, is essential to achieving patient satisfaction and revolves around a dedicated team that possesses an all-inclusive knowledge of the revenue cycle.

“We believed that Regent RCM’s unique ASC expertise would be a great fit for Andrews but we did not anticipate how quickly their experience and their commitment would increase our collections and optimize our revenue stream.”
– Terri Gatton, RN, CNOR, CASC, administrator at Andrews Institute ASC


Regent RCM’s smart staffing model is the foundation on which a healthy revenue cycle is built.

Dedicated staffing provides centers with:


Supervisors leverage their industry acumen to become an integral part of Regent RCM’s business office team – monitoring and reporting on revenue cycle health for each ASC client, and using a series of benchmarks and KPIs in order to ensure optimal results. Each supervisor has over 10 years of industry experience, and has expertise across the entire spectrum of revenue cycle, from payment posting and billing, to patient and payor follow-up.


Thorough development and training programs make sure our team constantly stays ahead of ongoing industry changes and updates. Regent RCM has dedicated professionals assigned to each account, and redundancies are in place, which include succession and contingency plans. This consistency ensures the financial health of a center, no matter what happens.


Regent RCM’s billing supervisors and specialists regularly communicate with patients and we know that our team often has the first, last and at times, the most impactful conversations with patients. Whether guiding them through the billing process and providing financial counseling, or speaking to patients directly prior to sending notice regarding collections, our team takes a consultative approach and treats patients in a courteous and professional manner, ensuring future loyalty and patient satisfaction.

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