Regent RCM knows that decreasing costs without sacrificing quality and efficiency is essential for surgery centers, and we have partnered with industry-leading vendors to create a full suite of automated revenue cycle services. We use this software to its full potential, and by automating the revenue cycle process, it streamlines tasks and responsibilities while reducing the errors that lead to denials or delayed payments, and in doing so, maximizes profitability and realizes faster reimbursement without increasing administrative staff costs.

There are many revenue cycle management systems to choose from, but Regent RCM takes the guesswork out of the process, having already thoroughly reviewed, vetted and tested these systems.

Regent RCM uses three process automation technologies to make efficient automation a reality:

Management Information Systems (MIS platform)

MIS is the foundational tier of automation and the lifeblood of the ASC business office. MIS allows center leaders to do everything from inventory management to insurance verification and patient billing to surgical scheduling. Some advanced versions of this technology employs workflows that enable users to work from real-time tasks, ensuring the highest level of efficiency. These systems help maximize profitability, lower A/R days and achieve faster reimbursement.

Clearinghouse Software

This software makes workflows more efficient by sending claims, providing claims management, electronic remittance advice (EOBs), eligibility verification and patient estimation. Users can verify a patient’s insurance benefits, determine their co-pays, deductibles, co-insurances and out of pocket maximums. This will accurately estimate the patient’s responsibility, allowing our revenue cycle specialists to provide financial counseling prior to the date of service, ensuring a positive patient experience and resulting in increased upfront payments and fewer outstanding balances. A clearinghouse that allows users to create customized edits can reduce A/R days.

Reporting and Analytics

In order to monitor ASC-specific benchmarks center leaders need reporting and analytics tools in place including a next generation dashboard and software that creates real-time customized reports. These tools empower leadership to make educated decisions about a center’s financial health and offer deeper insight into the way the ASC operates, providing clear insights leaders can use to make changes and optimize outcomes.

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