ASCs are unique

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are unique within the healthcare industry and finding a revenue cycle management partner with ASC-specific experience is critical, as is finding a partner that is well-versed in billing for various specialties ranging from orthopedics and spine to ENT and ophthalmology.

Regent RCM’s expertise comes from exclusively developing, executing and refining ASC-specific revenue cycle management strategies as well as investing time and resources into the technology, training and staffing to stay ahead of industry trends and updates.

Our team of revenue cycle specialists bring years of experience to the table – expertly optimizing the revenue cycle by leveraging automation and reporting while providing a host of functions ranging from accurately coding claims and using a robust clearinghouse to scrub claims prior to submission to managing denials and becoming more efficient in accounts receivable (A/R).


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We're on the front lines with our partner centers

And from that unique vantage point we created an ASC Benchmarking Video Series aimed at solving one of the biggest challenges center leaders face – accurately measuring the health of their revenue cycle. Nine standardized revenue cycle benchmarks, particular to ambulatory surgery centers, provide the assessment tools centers need to be successful and to compete in an increasingly competitive healthcare market.

Today’s market is made more complex by changes to Medicare and emerging alternate payment models making it even more important to pay attention to the day-to-day management of payor contracts. Many ASCs fail to revisit and renegotiate their managed care contracts annually to maximize their payments. Keeping reimbursement contracts current is critical for ongoing financial health of most centers. Regent RCM believes if centers are not getting at least a 3% increase each year, you’re probably falling behind. Very often centers don’t have a team member with the skill set (or the time) needed to oversee contracts. We help ASCs negotiate payor contracting to ensure that the highest reimbursement is being achieved.

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