Regent RCM

Management Companies

Regent RCM understands that contingency and succession planning can be complicated matters, but billing and coding can’t be put on hold for any amount of time. We work with management companies to offer two-fold solutions for outsourced RCM: short-term and long-term placement.

In the short term, Regent RCM understands that management companies to handle the need to quickly fill a business office position due to health issues, vacation, maternity leave or retirement, for example.

Regent RCM offers special preferred pricing for these short term placements and uses an internal automated calculator to determine pricing and make the process easier. Your management company can choose what services are needed from an a la carte menu of:

  • Charge entry
  • Payment posting
  • Payer follow up
  • Patient follow up
  • Insurance verification

Regent RCM outsourcing RCM in the short term for a minimum of three days until as long as the center has a billing and collections need.

Management companies that don’t have the time or resources to devote to an internal billing and coding and need a more permanent solution can consider outsourcing revenue cycle management as a long-term solution with Regent RCM. Instead of spending money that may not be in the budget on continuous training, software and contingency planning, allow Regent RCM to handle all of your billing and coding needs.

Regent RCM provides each ASC with a dedicated revenue cycle specialist who brings ASC-specific industry expertise in billing and coding who will manage and monitor your center’s financial health and performance.

Regent RCM’s ASC billing services for ASC management companies are best in class and in the industry.

To learn more about short- and long-term RCM outsourcing options for your management company, contact Regent RCM today!