It is crucial for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to have solid and transparent means of measurement and reporting to understand how the center is performing, where changes need to be made, and how to increase profitability.

Regent RCM brings our ASC-specific experience to bear as we take the guesswork out of tracking your center’s financial performance. Our team of Revenue Cycle Supervisors develop customized reports specific to your center.

Regent RCM has vetted and selected third party reporting software and our team has the expertise required to create reports aimed at detecting revenue cycle problems. Monitoring select ASC-specific benchmarks on a real-time management console allows our team to identify issues quickly, and resolve them as soon as possible.

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The top KPIs we monitor include:

Monitoring AR Days

The Regent RCM gold standard is 12%, however, the range can be a low of 8% to a high of 15%, depending on payor mix and case mix.

Net Collection Rate

The percentage of eligible money a center actually collects, net collections rate is one of the few metrics that can stand on its own. Dubbed the great lie detector, it’s a true indicator of a center’s revenue cycle health. The Regent RCM gold standard is a minimum of 97%.

Statement Lags

The time between the balance becoming the patient’s responsibility, and the time the statement goes out the door, the Regent RCM gold standard is less than five days. It is recommended that patients be put on a 30-day cycle; but, statements should be run at least once per week.

Claim lag/Charge lag

Charge lag is measured from the date of service until the charge entry date, while the claim lag is the number of days from the date of service until the billing date. Claims should be sent out the same day as charges are entered and coded.

Regent RCM

Regent RCM dashboards monitor select benchmarks in green, yellow and red ranges so it is immediately known when any aspect of a center’s revenue cycle becomes problematic. Based on the information, adjustments are made to correct course, boosting the partner center’s bottom line and improving the ASC’s financial performance.

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