Meet the Team: Alejandra Perez

In our ongoing Meet the Teamfeature, we introduce the many members of our team who make Regent RCM so successful. In our last post, we learned more about revenue cycle specialist Ivette Gomez. Today we’ll shine the spotlight on:

Alejandra Perez

Where is your hometown?  I hail from Cicero, Illinois.

What do you do at Regent RCM? I work as a Revenue Cycle Specialist for one of clients in the Midwest, giving them my focused attention to help enhance their cash-flow process while continuously measuring performance metrics and improving collections.

How long have you been working at Regent RCM? I joined Regent RCM in Spring 2017 after working for Allstate Insurance for six years.

What is your favorite part about working at Regent RCM? When I interviewed for the Revenue Cycle Specialist position there was a lot of talk about how important a positive work environment is to Regent RCM – and it really is true. At Regent RCM, are guided by a values-driven culture that aligns our team in a positive way and helps us stay focused on our goal of leveraging our ASC expertise while providing consistent service and expertise to our clients.

What has been your greatest professional achievement? In our business there will always be hurdles and challenges. I enjoy not only coming up with solutions, but making sure that I stay positive, and I take pride in my approach.  I have always been passionate about dealing with customers and patients and I’ve found that a positive approach allows for an overall pleasant experience, regardless of the situation.  

What is one fun fact about yourself your co-workers don’t know? I love to interact with others on a personal level. I see myself as someone who can help people turn a negative into a positive.  Another passion is cooking; I may not be the world’s greatest chef but my kitchen is certainly the place to be at dinnertime.