Meet the Team | Ana Hernandez

In our ongoing Meet the Team feature, we introduce the many members of our team who make Regent RCM so successful. Today we’ll shine the spotlight on:

Ana Hernandez


I was born in Central Mexico, in a little town called Jerez, Zacatecas. It is very rustic and beautiful, and the food is amazing! I came to the United States when I was 3-years-old, and was raised right here in Chicago.  I am proud to say that I became a U.S. citizen last year!

What do you do at Regent RCM?

I am a Revenue Cycle Specialist for a center in the Pacific Northwest. I leverage my industry expertise and ASC-specific training as I manage all aspects of billing, payment posting and accounts receivable. Like all of my team members, I keep a watchful eye on RCM benchmarks, carefully measuring the health of my center’s revenue cycle.

Where did you work before joining Regent RCM?

I am passionate about healthcare, and have been fortunate enough to have worked in that sector for over 20 years, gaining expertise on payer regulations on the provider side. Prior to joining Regent RCM, I worked as a Reimbursement Specialist for Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University Medical Center for six years. My duties consisted of working on accounts receivable for any state-funded or commercial insurance, and I negotiated with non-contracted insurance companies. Additionally, I would appeal claims that were denied. Before that, I spent 15 years at Neurologic and Orthopedic Institute of Chicago, also working in accounts receivable.  I was also a benefits coordinator, working closely with patients prior to their surgeries/services in case the services were not covered or there was a high patient responsibility. I am so grateful for these previous experiences, as they have given me the extensive knowledge that I have today.

What’s the best part about working at Regent RCM?

I have several favorite things about Regent RCM! Regent RCM treats employees very well and as a result, we arrive at work with a positive attitude, ready to help each other reach our goals. I have received extensive training and after I was assigned to the ASC I’m responsible for, I traveled with Leslie Favela and Michael Orseno to the center to meet the facility team, learn their policies and procedures, and determine how we could best serve them and help them be successful. I grateful for the opportunity to meet and observe the business office staff at the center, which ultimately helped ensure that all of our processes were efficient and in place.

What is one fun fact about yourself your co-workers don’t know?

I love to smile! I truly believe life is too short to be angry or upset, and it’s important to stay positive and make every day count. I think our partner centers appreciate my attitude, and it helps us work together to achieve the ultimate in patient satisfaction.