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New Regent RCM ROI Calculator Helps Surgery Centers Determine the Value of Outsourcing RCM

The big question when it comes to outsourcing is “will it really save money for my organization?”   Regent RCM recently published a white paper aimed at answering that question for ASC revenue cycle management (RCM). The paper provides the equation on how to determine the value of outsourcing, and now, to make it even easier, Regent RCM has developed a calculator that actually does the math.

“We are excited to launch the ROI calculator because it gives ASC leadership a tool that quickly delivers a ballpark estimate of value,” stated Regent RCM Vice President Michael Orseno. “If the numbers make sense, they can move forward with a business audit. If the numbers don’t add up, they can move on with very little time invested.”

Regent RCM’s ROI calculator guides centers to enter top-level, easily accessed information, and immediately returns a high-level estimate to determine if outsourcing will translate to cost savings. Results are based on industry averages. The ROI Calculator is available here.

“Of course, cost is just one part of the revenue cycle value equation,” adds Orseno. “When we perform a business operations audit we focus our attention on finding opportunities to improve RCM performance through payor contracting and billing and coding expertise, detailed reporting, automating processes, and more.”

Regent RCM’s services optimize ASC workflow and processes, as well as generate analytics and real-time dashboards that are critical to assessing an ASC’s financial health. Regent RCM consistently outperforms industry benchmarks allowing ASC managers to focus on high-value activities.

To learn more visit or register for the upcoming webinar focused on gaining control and realizing greater efficiency through outsourcing RCM.