Regent RCM

Revenue Cycle Expertise from Fellow ASC Leaders

Regent has developed and managed 30 ASCs nationwide for more than a decade. We understand the intricacies of the ASC revenue cycle, where problems commonly occur and how to fix them, as well as how to optimize reimbursement.

Regent RCM

Cost-Effective Pricing

Effective revenue cycle management should add to your bottom line, not detract from it. We have created a package designed specifically for ASC owners that includes what revenue cycle services they need, and doesn’t waste time and resources on what they don’t. As a result, we can offer the industry’s most cost-effective pricing structures.

Regent RCM

Advanced Revenue Cycle Benchmarking

Regent continuously measures performance metrics to give you the data you need to meet your financial goals. For example, you will know exactly how long it takes your center to collect payment, broken down by financial class, by payer and by employee.

Regent RCM

Automate to Reduce Errors and Cost

In today’s world of shrinking reimbursements, centers need to decrease costs without sacrificing quality and efficiency. We’ve partnered with multiple industry-leading vendors to develop a full suite of automated revenue cycle services for ASCs. With our guidance, the software is utilized to its full potential. Revenue cycle automation reduces errors that cause denied or delayed payments while at the same time decreasing administrative staff costs.

Regent RCM
Regent RCM

Regent's Automated RCM Services

  • Automatic Insurance Verification
  • Electronic Claims Processing Customized to Catch Erroneous Claims at Submission
  • Electronic Payer Payments and Patient Remittance Posting
  • Digitally Stored Contracts for Easy Payment Verification and Reporting
  • Outsourced Patient Statement Generation to Reduce Cost and Labor
  • Automatic Report Formatting