Successfully negotiating the best payer contract rate will result in the highest reimbursement for your ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Led by Andrea Woodell, VP of Managed Care, Regent RCM negotiates payor contracts on behalf of clients, securing gains for both existing and new partners. Andrea has negotiated on behalf of healthcare providers and professionals for over 20 years, working in tandem with business offices to enhance collections and fully optimize the revenue cycle.

Regent RCM

The staff will help your center:

Develop a Strategy

Develop a strategy to understand if your center is getting the best rate. Rates can vary from city to city, and our specialists have the knowledge of each area that’s needed to negotiate the best rate for each ASC.

Charge Master Analysis

Regent’s RCM specialists also offer charge master analysis to ensure that charges are being set appropriately based on each contract, and the prevailing rates to make sure that there is no money being left on the table.

Free Business Office Audit

Regent RCM will also complete a free, full business office audit to determine strengths and opportunities by examining contracts and reimbursements to determine any breakdowns in the revenue cycle.

Understand Your Center’s Strengths and Opportunities