Reflecting on 2017, a Banner Year for Regent RCM

For Regent Revenue Cycle Management (Regent RCM), 2017 was full of opportunities to provide leadership and best practices, building on our success as a leading provider of innovative, cost-effective billing and collection services for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) across the United States.

Regent RCM not only launched a new self-audit guide, but also welcomed Erin Petrie to the team as the Director of Revenue Cycle Management, driving Regent RCM during this next phase of growth.

“Regent RCM is at the forefront of the industry and it has been amazing working with such well-respected healthcare innovators and leaders,” said Petrie. “I am excited to continue to lead such a dynamic team as we deliver so much more than billing and collections, namely exceptional service and solutions that define protocols and the best practices for the industry.”

Before we ring in the New Year, we would like to reflect on this year’s success and look back on highlights, including launching a new guide and sharing the values that matter most to our organization and team.

  • Conduct a Self-Audit to Improve your ASC’s Financial Health. This new guide helps center administrators audit operations to ensure their ASC stays within compliance while producing maximum revenue. As ongoing consolidation among healthcare payers squeezes surgery center reimbursements, periodic business office audits can be key to identifying a center’s financial stress points, strengths, and opportunities. “Conducting a self-audit is the fastest way for centers to get on track and stay on track,” says Petrie. “A routine audit gives your center the mechanism it needs to ask and answer the questions that lead to stronger financial health.”
  • The Value of R.I.S.E. at Regent RCM. Regent RCM’s R.I.S.E program is the cornerstone of our culture and stands for four specific corporate vales: Respectful Caring, Integrity, Stewardship, and E We created a four-part series to highlight each individual value. In part one, we learn about Respectful Caring, part two focuses on Integrity, part 3 is about Stewardship and part 4 features Efficiency. “This program was created to develop a values-driven culture,” says Andrea Woodell, Vice President of Managed Care. “It helps us stay focused on our goal of leveraging our ambulatory surgery center expertise, while providing consistent high-value customer service to clients.”

On behalf of everyone at Regent RCM, we thank you for being part of our success in 2017 and look forward to partnering with you in 2018.