Becker's ASC Review

Regent RCM Comments on the Ultimate ASC Revenue Cycle Management Dashboard

A recent article from Becker’s ASC Review highlights revenue cycle management (RCM) metrics to track on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Chosen metrics and data points should be tracked by ASC leaders to maintain an effective RCM process and a healthy revenue cycle.

Once specific RCM data points and associated intervals are identified, ASC leaders traditionally run reports to track each key performance indicator (KPI). Optimally, They are able to monitor their KPI’s on a real-time dashboard.

When an ASC leader sets a RCM standard, it can be watched over time to ensure performance is met. To gain an even deeper understanding of the health of your ASC, look for a Partner that offers a free business office audit service.

Aside from identifying potential RCM deficiencies, these audits may also compare your facility to national averages and gold standards.

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