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Regent RCM Healthcare Industry News | August 2015

Each month Regent RCM explores the top news and headlines affecting the healthcare industry. 

This month in the news: States with high percentages of uninsured people drop this year, many physicians lack confidence in ICD-10 with the deadline approaching, and ASC Focus magazine reminds ASC’s to confront their financial and management concerns.

States With the Highest Percent of Uninsured Population Drop in 2015

In the U.S., the amount of people who are uninsured continues to drop in most states. The ten states with the most uninsured people in 2013, many around 20%, have dropped significantly with the percent of uninsured in 2015 ranging from 6% to 11%. Arkansas and Kentucky continue to have the sharpest decrease in uninsured rates since new healthcare laws in 2014. Most states have expanded Medicaid and established a state-based or state-federal partnership and the states that have embraced the multiple parts of health law continue to see the most improvement. To read more on the uninsured rates, click here.

Physicians Lack Confidence in ICD-10 with Deadline Approaching

With the 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) deadline approaching, new data suggests that many physicians lack confidence in ICD-10. ICD-10 is anticipated to be severely damaging with claims disruptions, claim denials, etc. This may cause physicians to use personal funds to keep their practices running or go into early retirement. A small 10% of physicians state that they are “very confident” that their practice is ready for the ICD-10 deadline. Click here to read more on the lack of confidence in ICD-10 or click here for tips to accelerate your ASC’s ICD-10 preparation.

Overcome your ASC’s Biggest Financial and Management Challenges

ASC Focus magazine reminds ASC’s to confront their elephants, or the financial and management concerns that go along with providing the highest quality care for patients. These concerns include reimbursement, cost containment, increased regulations, management and patient education on ASC benefits. Quality care and expense monitoring for cost containment are just two of the ways ASC’s can confront their biggest challenges. Click here to read more on confronting ASC concerns or click here for tips to ensure an accurate and timely billing process for your ASC.