ASC Revenue Cycle Analysis

Regent RCM Offers Five Tips for a Healthier Revenue Cycle in 2016

In a recent article published in Becker’s ASC Review, Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Vice President Michael Orseno details five valuable tips to help ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) improve financial success for 2016.

Orseno suggests ASCs focus on account follow-up to keep the accounts receivable percentage greater than 90 days to less than 15 percent, and details the best way to do so. He also advises trimming a bloated business office and offers a solution to optimize business office staffing.

Other tips include not procrastinating in areas such as billing, statements, denials, and follow-up, and earning more money by focusing on business office processes. Lastly, Orseno suggests reducing the stress of running an ASC.

“One way to alleviate the stress of RCM is to consider partnering up with an industry-leading RCM partner with proven results,” says Orseno. “With today’s technological advancements, an outsourced RCM employee working the center’s account 1,500 miles away is just as effective as one sitting in the cubicle next door.”

For detailed information on all of Orseno’s tips, click here to read the full Becker’s ASC Review article.