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Regent RCM Pitches Revenue Cycle Management

On March 4, 2016, Regent RCM Vice President Mike Orseno will give a presentation on revenue cycle management to the Association of Wisconsin Surgery Centers, Inc., at their 2016 Clinical Forum. The baseball-themed presentation will focus on defining an optimum ASC revenue cycle, determining the health of an ASC’s revenue cycle through key performance indicators, and exploring the benefits of outsourcing.

Orseno will discuss industry specific metrics, what they are and their significance, all from the perspective of a baseball team manager. Just as the Brewers embody the spirit of performance at Miller Park, so does Regent RCM embody that same spirit of performance across the ASC community. With these best practices, ASCs can take their revenue cycle to the Big League.

For more information on how Regent RCM can give your ASC a competitive edge call 312-882-7228.