ASC staff meeting revenue management

Regent RCM provides 3 ways ASCS can reduce costs for a stronger RCM strategy

Regent RCM recently spoke to Becker’s ASC Review to provide insight on how to reduce the costs related to an ambulatory surgery center’s business office. This includes everything from smart staffing practice management, which can become expensive quickly.

1. ASCs should invest in IT as information technology can lead to major cost savings over time. For example, electronic insurance verification and payment posting reduce the number of business office employees needed as well as lower one of the highest ASC expenses.

2. Another suggestion is to invest in a solid business office staff and hiring the best of the best for the job. Instead of hiring multiple people, an ASC can capitalize on one employee who can successfully wear more than one hat and manage numerous business office functions.

3. The third way to cut business office costs is to consider outsourcing RCM.

ASCs run on lean resources. Staff members wear multiple hats and revenue cycle management can easily slip through the cracks. The right RCM outsourcing provider can handle coding, billing and all of essential tasks related to revenue cycle to bring more money to the table.

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