ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmarks Defined

Regent RCM Webinar Series Addresses Five ASC Revenue Cycle KPIs

In the second of Regent RCM’s three-part webinar series, Vice President Michael Orseno examined five ASC industry benchmarks or key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure the health of a center’s revenue cycle.

“Focusing on these industry benchmarks has been an integral driver of our team’s success and in the continuous improvement cycle of our partner centers,” said Director of Business Development, Ed Tschan, who introduced Orseno.

Tschan added that many revenue cycle conversations with ASCs frequently include questions regarding recommended metrics to drive the financial health of a center, whether metrics operate independently or in an integrated manner, what metric tracking capabilities exist and how to leverage the information to benefit the center.

Orseno addressed these questions while discussing five of the ASC industry benchmarks: Days Outstanding/Days in A/R, % of A/R greater than 90 Days, Denial% and Clean Claim, Charge, Claims Lag, and Statement Lag. He explained how to calculate the metrics, why the information is useful, the Regent gold standard for each of these metrics, and why keeping a center’s numbers within target parameters will maintain a healthy revenue cycle.

“Once your center is measuring these benchmarks, they should be monitored monthly, at minimum, possibly weekly,” said Orseno, in response to an attendee’s question. “For collections, a standard should be set as a goal each month and metrics should be looked at weekly. Other metrics, such as days in A/R should be monitored monthly.”

Click here to listen to the full webinar with detailed information on these benchmarks and answers to more questions on how to utilize them. To register for the final webinar in the series, held May 3, click here.