Dedicated to ASC Revenue Cycle

Our business intelligence (BI) platform includes real-time revenue cycle metrics allowing our team to immediately know when a center’s revenue cycle becomes problematic. We monitor industry metrics such as days in AR, % over 90 Days, and AR Follow-Up. Having the tools and intel to gauge performance across all functions of the revenue cycle has been a game-changer for ASC leaders.

Top KPIs We Monitor

  • A/R Over 90 Days

    We take contractual write-offs at the time of charge entry; creating a cleaner, more accurate benchmark. Our gold standard is 25% or less.

  • Net Collection Rate

    There will always be some bad debt due to patients unable to pay, or a denial if you didn’t get pre-authorization. Our gold standard is greater than 97%.

  • Statement Lag

    The sooner patients get the statement, the faster payment is received. We run statements to maintain a 3 day lag, once it becomes patient responsibility.

  • Claim Lag/Charge Lag

    The gold standard for charge lag is the same day of service – 48 hours. If it goes beyond it is time to look at dictation, coding, or invoicing processes.

Larry Parrish
Administrator at Illinois Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Center

“Before we outsourced this function, our surgery scheduler did a lot of the insurance verification calls. Now she can focus on scheduling. Our receptionist could do some insurance verification calls but she had other distractions, too. So, to have a dedicated person who is appropriately trained, doesn’t have the distractions, and has co-workers who can then cover for that individual’s absence, is something that we could never do without falling behind. It’s a huge advantage.”