Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Association

Regent RCM to Host ASC Benchmarking Webinar Series for MASA

Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) will present a three-part webinar series to the Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Association (MASA) in June. The webinars, led by Regent RCM Vice President Michael Orseno, examine ASC-specific benchmarks developed by Orseno and his team to better assess ASC revenue cycle health.

“At Regent RCM we weren’t able to find a definitive set of ASC-specific revenue cycle metrics, so we developed nine metrics that centers can customize, deploy, and measure to gauge their financial health. We’ve also provided a gold standard for each of the metrics,” said Orseno. “These metrics shape and define a center’s revenue cycle and help center administrators understand how numbers can be improved, why they might fluctuate and how they can often be misleading.”

The first webinar in the series focuses on optimal fulltime business office employees(FTE’s) per 1000 cases, defining the appropriate staffing levels at ASCs. The second webinar highlights five core ASC revenue cycle benchmarks and how to calculate, monitor and manage them. The webinar series will conclude with a third session highlighting net collection rate, an essential stand alone metric.

“I am pleased to be able to offer this valuable webinar series to MASA members,” said Executive Director Marcy Lay. “Regent RCM’s ASC-specific benchmarks are aligned with MASA’s mission to provide centers with information that will improve operations and foster cost efficiency without compromising on quality care.”

For more information call 312-882-7228 and join our conversation via Facebook and Twitter, @RegentRCM.