ASC Benchmarks Net Collection Rate

ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmark Video #5 – Net Collection Rate

Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Vice President Michael Orseno and his team developed ASC-specific benchmarks to help assess the health of a center’s revenue cycle. A recently developed video series examines all nine benchmarks and how best a center can utilize them.

The fifth video zeros in on the net collection rate; the percentage of eligible money a center actually collects. Net collections rate is one of the few metrics that can stand on its own. Dubbed the great lie detector, it’s a true indicator of a center’s revenue cycle health.

The Regent RCM gold standard is a minimum of 97% because centers need to make sure they are collecting every dollar they are entitled to.

Watch the video and learn more about this foundational metric and why it has to be measured individually, with each specific claim, to ensure that other metrics are accurate.

Get additional insight into Regent RCM’s ASC revenue cycle benchmarks and how to make them work for your center by watching the three-part webinar series that expands further on this topic or contact Regent RCM to speak with one of the dedicated revenue cycle specialists.

ASC Benchmark Series Video

ASC Revenue Cycle Benchmark Video #4 – Clean Claim Percentage

The Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) team heard from dozens of ambulatory surgery center (ASC) administrators who were struggling to gauge the success of their center’s revenue cycle. They responded by identifying, defining, and interpreting ASC revenue cycle benchmarks and developing a video series that can be used to evaluate the health of any ASC’s revenue cycle.

The fourth video in the series examines clean claims, a stand-alone operating independently of outside influences such as payer mix or case-mix.

While no center can achieve a 100 percent clean claim rate, proper coding and using a robust clearinghouse to scrub claims prior to submission are key. Regent RCM’s gold standard is 98 percent.

Click here to watch the video and learn more about this benchmark including strategies for getting claims out the door with no edits or rejections.

Ready to assess your center’s financial health? Watch Regent RCM’s recent three-part ASC revenue cycle benchmarking webinar series or contact one of Regent RCM’s dedicated revenue cycle specialists today.