RISE Award Recipient

Shining a Light on RISE Award Recipients

Regent Revenue Cycle Management created the RISE program to develop a values-driven culture that helps the team stay focused on the goal of leveraging ASC expertise while providing high-value and high-touch customer service.

Recently, we recognized three RISE award recipients: Vanessa Herrera, Luz Renteria and Vanessa Soto. Each recipient was nominated by fellow employees for going above and beyond.

Vanessa Herrera, Patient Account Representative, is a one of our newest Regent RCM employees and started right before we made the switch to working remotely due to COVID-19. Despite the unique challenge of beginning a new job while being remote, she never fails to impress. Vanessa was nominated for a RISE award for Respectful Caring for her thoughtful approach when working with patients at the centers she covers.

Luz Renteria, RCM Manager, supports seven centers, two of which are new implementations, and somehow, she makes it seem effortless. She was nominated for a RISE award for Stewardship for doing an excellent job overseeing the business office implementations. Luz has also been handling the day-to-day billing at one of the centers since February because of the hiring and training constraints from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vanessa Soto was Regent RCM’s first Patient Account Representative and was nominated for a RISE award for Stewardship. Vanessa had a sudden increase in workload and where others may have felt overwhelmed, she stepped up and figured out a way to manage both centers successfully. As of last week, one of the centers she oversees was on pace to hit 166% of historical upfront collections.

“We are always very proud of our employees who go above and beyond,” said Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management, Erin Petrie. “These three team members exemplify what our corporate values stand for and we are happy to recognize them for their hard work.”


Regent revenue cycle management corporate values

RISE Corporate Values: Stewardship


Our cultural values influence every aspect of the work we do at Regent Revenue Cycle Management, from the technology we use to the staffing decisions we make.

Regent RCM is an independent division of Regent Surgical Health, offering comprehensive billing and collections services exclusively to ambulatory surgery centers across the country. Regent RCM’s RISE values guide how we empower our employees and provide our clients with a very unique service experience.

RISE embodies the following concepts:

Respectful Caring

Demonstrating compassion toward all stakeholders.


Being true to what we believe in, doing what we say we will do and adhering to our commitments.


Responsibly utilizing and developing our people, property, and assets while fostering a safe and secure environment.


Appropriately identifying, selecting, and managing all resources to ensure excellent clinical and financial outcomes.

In a series of four posts, we are examining how each of these values benefits both Regent RCM’s staff and clients. In previous posts, we discussed two other core values, Respectful Caring and Integrity. In this post, we’ll explore the third RISE value: Stewardship.


Regent RCM is dedicated to sustained growth and continuous improvement in all aspects of our company. Mentorship is an important part of how we nurture personal and professional development among our team members, ensuring that each individual feels valued and fully capable of reaching his or her potential.

We also work hard to create a culture of transparency, communicating essential information to staff about the clinical and economic performance of our business, regulatory requirements and procedures, and quality improvement initiatives. Every Regent RCM employee is committed to practicing stewardship in daily actions.

“We talk about our culture and our values during the hiring process and during company meetings. I believe it encourages collaboration and it also positively impacts our interaction with our clients. It’s great to work alongside people who are dedicated to serving our customers and pitching in to help each other when needed,” said Casey Eazell.