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The Top 3 Technologies Every ASC Can’t Live Without

Utilizing best-in-class technologies for workflow and process optimization is critical to the success of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), especially when it comes to billing and collections. There are three types of technologies instrumental to an ASC’s success:

Management Information Systems: An ASC software platform integrates core ASC workflow functionality including inventory management, insurance verification, patient billing and surgical scheduling. Some advanced MIS use workflow management, which enables end users to attend to real-time tasks assigned by leadership, ensuring the greatest level of efficiency. With these systems in place, ASCs can maximize their profitability, lower A/R days and achieve faster reimbursement.

Clearinghouse software: Secure, centralized, electronic claims submission and management including significantly reduced cycle time to catch and fix claim errors as well as reduced reimbursement time.

Reporting and analytics: Analytics tools that allow you to customize data and a real-time management console that gives you access to financial and clinical metrics of your choice are key. The deeper insight you have into the way your ASC operates, the more opportunities you have to make changes, optimize outcomes and continue to improve.

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