What is Regent RCM’s RISE Program?

Regent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a values-driven company. We are committed to upholding our high industry standards and providing essential services to our ASC clients, all while staying true to our fundamental ideals. We created the RISE program as a way to integrate our core values into every aspect of Regent RCM’s corporate culture, including how we lead our employees, how we nurture our client relationships, and how we meet and exceed our shared goals.

RISE stands for:

  • Respectful Caring
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Efficiency

Our team strives to leverage these principles to deliver exceptional service and value to our ambulatory surgery center clients. Here’s a little more about each of the RISE values.

Respectful Caring

Compassion is central to Regent RCM’s mission, and our employees exercise it consistently with clients, patients, and other team members. Regent RCM’s revenue cycle professionals are friendly, responsive, and helpful in communicating with all stakeholders. They supply information, answer questions, listen to feedback, and act promptly to serve patient and client needs.


We cultivate an environment of commitment, accountability, and honesty – reflecting our beliefs through our actions and words. All of our employees take pride in their work, striving to perform their responsibilities reliably, and go above and beyond expectations. Regent RCM welcomes open communication, celebrating successes and resolving challenges with transparency.


Regent RCM isn’t satisfied to maintain the status quo; our team aims to foster growth and advancement throughout the company. We develop new procedures, educational programs, and quality improvement initiatives to move toward our long-term goals. We also treat our employees as our most valuable asset, hiring people who are passionate about Regent RCM’s work, and offering ongoing mentorship and professional development opportunities to elevate their capabilities.


We identify, select, and manage our company’s resources to achieve the most affordable and effective results for our stakeholders. Regent RCM utilizes a proactive approach to determine the technology, systems, and equipment that will improve processes while lowering costs. We are always looking for innovative solutions to help us manage our time and complete our tasks more efficiently.

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