Leadership Team

Erin Petrie
Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

Erin Petrie, MBA, CSSGB, PMP, leads Regent RCM’s team of revenue cycle specialists while serving clients and delivering solutions that outperform industry benchmarks.

Andrea Woodell
Vice President of Managed Care
Andrea negotiates payor contracts on behalf of Regent RCM’s clients, attaining aggressive gains for both existing and new partners.
Leslie Favela
Manager, RCM Business Development

Leslie is involved with providing ASC partners with regular business audits, while also utilizing her valued experience to spearhead Regent RCM's new business developments.

Irma Andrade
Revenue Cycle Manager
Irma has been with Regent RCM for five years. In her role, Irma has managed to keep her center’s days in A/R under 25 days, on average, and her career-best was 12 days.
Vianca Bautista
Revenue Cycle Manager
Vianca oversees training new employees on all revenue cycle functions and performing a bi-annual office audit while performing full revenue cycle for her ASC. Among her other duties as a supervisor, she oversees four revenue cycle specialists and performs audits to ensure KPIs are met.
Luz Renteria
Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Luz leads the RCM management team, with a focus on maintaining Regent RCM’s high standards for performance. In addition to leading her team, Luz conducts business office audits for current and prospective clients.

Gina Tolbert
Revenue Cycle Manager

Gina brings accounting expertise into her role as a revenue cycle manager, which contributes to her long track record of increasing cash-flow and decreasing aged accounts receivable.