As a Revenue Cycle Manager, Vianca Bautista is responsible for overseeing four revenue cycle specialists and performs audits to ensure key performance indicator goals are met. Her role also includes training new employees on all revenue cycle functions and performing bi-annual office audits while performing full revenue cycle for her ASC, among her other duties as a supervisor.

Vianca brings over 13 years of experience in the health care industry to her team. Before working for Regent RCM, Vianca worked for a central billing office that managed ambulatory surgical centers across United States for 3 years and also worked for a HMO group as a claims analyst for 4 years. Vianca is excited to sharing her experience with her team and learning more in the health care industry from a leadership standpoint.

Vianca was recently named by Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review as one of 33 Health IT & Revenue Cycle Wiz Kids. Click here to read more.