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Common Myth Related to ASCs: Upfront Financial Counseling & Collections Lack Physician Support

There are misunderstandings and outdated beliefs related to ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) upfront financial counseling collections. Our first blog in this 3-part series disproved the myth that “advance collections won’t work”. In the 2nd post of our series, we focus on the myth that upfront financial counseling & collections lack physician support.

Myth: Physicians feel protective toward their patients and find it crass to talk about money before providing quality care … so they won’t support advance collections.

Reality: Physicians understand that all healthcare providers in today’s marketplace must embrace good business practices in order to stay solvent and continue to provide quality care. Palos Surgicenter adopted a new policy in February 2019 requiring payment in full prior to surgery, supporting it with a program of upfront patient financial counseling. Mary McGill, Business Office Manager at Palos Surgicenter, says physicians have been very supportive of the new approach.

“Our doctors’ offices are overwhelmingly supportive. They’re facing some of the same financial challenges themselves, so they’re aware of why it’s important.”

Palos Surgicenter made a concerted effort to educate both center staff and physicians’ offices in advance of the change upfront financial counseling collections. They sent letters to their doctors, business office managers, and schedulers explaining the new policy and approach. “Our communication and transparency were key to our success with the new policy” said McGill. Education and preparation allowed physicians and their office to feel comfortable with the payment changes.

To learn more, click here to download our full white paper, or contact Leslie Favela at lfavela@regentrcm.com.