The Value of R.I.S.E. at Regent RCM

Regent Revenue Cycle Management’s R.I.S.E. program is the cornerstone of our culture and stands for four specific corporate values: Respectful Caring, Integrity, Stewardship, and Efficiency.

As the first of a four-part series, we will highlight the first value: Respectful Caring. This value focuses on demonstrating compassion toward stakeholders.

Respectful Caring is defined by Regent RCM as the ability to excel in six key skills. In summary, these skills are:

  1. Reacting to physician feedback in a sincere and constructive manner
  2. Turning patient satisfaction surveys into actionable data
  3. Communicating amicably and compassionately towards others
  4. Offering consistent, respectful feedback
  5. Demonstrating reliability and promptness
  6. Expressing open-mindedness regarding employee complaints; utilizing peer and supervisor advice to take subsequent appropriate action as needed

On an ongoing basis, Regent RCM recognizes individuals who exemplify the values of the organization. In 2016, Michael Orseno, Vice President of Revenue Cycle and Maria Murguia, Revenue Cycle Specialist – were specifically recognized for their exceptional ability to demonstrate Respectful Caring on a daily basis and therefore advance clinical and business excellence on a broader scale. Both were nominated by fellow Regent RCM employees.

The four R.I.S.E. corporate pillars reflect Regent RCM’s greater commitment to advance a value-based culture where success – including compassion for stakeholders – is clearly defined and measured.

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