WHITE PAPER DOWNLOAD: Using ASC-Specific Benchmarks To Assess Revenue Cycle Health

Is Your ASC Revenue Cycle Healthy?

There is no 1-1 translation in revenue cycle benchmarks for ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). Because of that, Regent RCM had identified nine ASC specific benchmarks in 2017 to assess revenue cycle health and have now reevaluated and established our eight metrics for 2019:

  1. Days Outstanding
  2. Percent of AR Over 90 Days
  3. Claim Lag/Charge Lag
  4. Statement Lag
  5. Clean Claim Percent
  6. Claim Denial Percent
  7. Net Collection Rate
  8. Latest 2019 Benchmark: A/R Follow-Up

These benchmarks dive deep into the health of your revenue cycle to assess key components that shape and define your revenue cycle.

Download Regent RCM’s Updated ASC Benchmarks White Paper now to ensure that your revenue cycle is running as efficiently and optimally as possible.

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