Debunking Three Myths Related to ASC Upfront Patient Financial Counseling & Collections
Debunking Three Myths Related to ASC Upfront Patient Financial Counseling & Collections

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Patients are today’s payers. Because of that, patient responsibility estimation and billing conversations up front can dramatically improve collections.

Our revenue cycle team is working with leading ASCs to put programs in place that operationalize upfront patient financial counseling and collections, and to dispel outdated myths that keep centers from benefiting from these proactive processes.

In our new paper, we debunk long-held beliefs, including:

Myth #1: Advance collections won’t work.
Reality: It’s happening. And it’s helping.

Myth #2: The practice lacks physician support.
Reality: Physicians understand that healthcare providers must embrace good business practices in order to stay solvent and continue to provide quality care.

Myth #3: Attempting advance collections might prompt surgery cancelations.
Reality: Patients appreciate transparency around what charges they’ll be accountable for and understand that high deductibles are the new norm.

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“Taking an upfront approach to patient financial counseling and collections saves our partner center’s money and reduces risk on the backend. Handling things in a professional and courteous manner can boost patient satisfaction scores and an ASC’s reputation as well.”

– Erin Petrie, RCM Director of Revenue Cycle Management

The Regent Revenue Cycle Management team provides turnkey billing and collections services exclusively for ambulatory surgery centers. We approach revenue cycle in a unique way and our services consistently outperform industry benchmarks and allow managers to focus on high-value activities.